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I painted my first oil painting when I was 10 years old and have been creating artwork and photography ever since. I was a pioneer in the computer animation and graphics industry and opened my own company in 1987. It was located in Chicago, Illinois and called Animation Station, Ltd. I operated as President, Creative Director and Designer till 2005. I designed video graphics and animations for corporate and commercial clients, but am best known for having designed the opening scoreboard animation for the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Blackhawks at the new United Center in 1994. Other work was done for Santa Fe Railway, Motorola, Canteen Corporation, Allstate, Chicago White Sox and Quaker Oats to name a few. Staying on the cutting edge of such rapidly changing technology led me to close the graphics studio and return to paint brush and easel. I travel extensively and often paint from my photographs. I also do portraiture of people, pets and homes on commission. My freelance work has led to many interesting places and allowed me to meet some very special people. I'd like to meet you. Please view my portfolio of samples and pieces for sale, plus my line handmade photo greeting cards

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